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ADHD Coaching
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Is disorganization of your time or your physical environment keeping you from moving forward?  

For the past 20 years I have helped adults and teens with ADHD and others who struggle with time management and disorganization achieve control over their time, space, and tasks.   I offer life and ADHD coaching as well as on-site organization.

My clients come from all walks of life:  they are students, creatives, physicians, parents, academics, and entrepreneurs. 

Services take place anywhere by Skype, or on-site in Chicago and area suburbs; I also travel -- contact me for details.

I’d love to answer your questions; please feel free to call or email anytime.


Living Well with ADHD: A Coaching Group for Adults:

A 6-week group meeting in Downtown Chicago at ADHD Centers, 30 N. Michigan Ave. 

Please email for details.

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Debra Michaud, M.A.

Debra Michaud, M.A.                                               debra@dmorganizing.com                                tel. 773.343.2939

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