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Chronic Disorganization

Debra came to me highly recommended from a friend who had used her professional organizing service. In turn, I have enthusiastically recommended her to friends and family praising her efficient, friendly demeanor and her creative organizing solutions. 

On the first of many sessions, Debra systematically evaluated each room and closet in my house and then came up with a comprehensive plan for organization.  In addition to implementing specific organizing systems and suggesting products and tools, what really impressed me about Debra is that she envisioned my space in a new way.  For example, she designed and reoriented a new desk in my office--this seemingly small change gave me significantly more surface space and opened up the room. 

She also considered our lifestyle with two small kids and suggested a plan that would work for our family--not a "one size fits all" organizing method, but one that we could realistically maintain over time.  In my 5 year old daughter's bedroom, she made the system of toys and clothes storage so easy that my daughter can follow it herself.  It's been almost a year since her initial visit, and I'm successfully staying organized thanks to Debra!  

-- Kathy, Evanston

Debra has been a true inspiration for me, my home and my business for over

4 years. Her unique gifts of prioritizing, organizing and simplifying have

set the standard for my organized home and business.

-- Beth Aldrich, founder of For Her Information Media, Chicago, IL

Debra took my files to a level of organization I never would have thought of on my own.  And they’re beautiful to look at!  She thinks differently about organizing, her insight and experience make her services a wonderful treat and better yet a necessity should you want better function in any area of your home or office. 

-- Karen Hanrahan, Shaklee Consultant., La Grange, IL

My house is fabulous, I really love it now. I have gotten nearly the whole house in order. It was so easy when I had the foundation set up--I have places for things now, so I can just easily divide things out where they need to go. The house is so much more peaceful. Some of the things I said about your visit to others --- your visit paid for itself before you even came. I was so motivated to get the most out of your visit that I cleared out 16 bags of garbage before you even got here! I got my money's worth out of the visit, again, before you even came, because I found my favorite summer dress that I had lost for years. I couldn't believe house much we accomplished in your time here and the organization created such a solid foundation in the house that it was so easy to organize other areas on my own. 

I so enjoyed the process that I decided whenever I have some extra money, that I would like to put it toward organization...  it makes such a nice difference in my life. I think its something that people see as an extravagance, but now I can see that is as necessary as keeping up on house work or exercising--something that is necessary and good for your health. I would love for you to come back to the house to examine other areas and tell me what you think. I told everyone that you were so professional and efficient.  

-- Eileen, Willow Springs, IL

This is better than therapy!

-- Christine., New Jersey

Non-Angie’s List Client Testimonials:

Review:  Helped us find organization in our home. Debra was fantastic and super helpful. Helped us have hope in our home.


Review:  Helped sort through and organize 10 years+ of accumulation in my office. Great suggestions to pare down and organize needed items in easy to access manner.


Review:  Debra worked regularly on an hourly basis in our home office for five years.  Initially she set up our home office system, which was in a state of disaster after we started a family.  She made an easy system that grows with us, and helped us maintain it.

Then I did grad school for two years and Debra handled all our home office administrative affairs - everything - from insurance issues, bill paying, help with school forms and info and other admin matters about the children and family, as well as understanding and cooperating with our two businesses when family and business affairs sometimes mingled.  She ran errands to the DMV, and everywhere necessary, posted our mail, fielded pending admin matters (especially related to health insurance), had calling authority with our accounts, and managed relationships with contractors and other home service providers.  

After some time she earned complete authority over our home office affairs.  We always felt well served by Debra, and that includes her responding to our off schedule calls and emails.  She ran the home office completely when I was away for summers in 2013 and 2014.  Over the course of the five years she would periodically recommend other service providers when needed - investment consultant and accountant were two examples, and these providers were reliable as well.  We have been so comfortable with Debra, that she had a key to our house, and our personal information, and I never had any second thoughts about it.  She is a true professional. 

Debra is thorough, meticulous, conscientious, and punctual.  Her record keeping is clear and easy.  Her demeanor is patient, pleasant, and kind.  She always performed her tasks as expected or requested, and only a few times did we struggle with making sure we were all on the same page about matters, and in those cases, all questions with her were always resolved swiftly and satisfactorily.  Our need for her service has changed now, but we will be using her system going forward, and will happily hire her for more service in the future.  She is a great person to go through admin work with. She understood my albeit irrational fear and procrastination, and made it easy for me to move forward and stop the negative resistance to admin work.  She is like half a life coach half an admin whiz.  We are grateful for her past work, and recommend her across the board.


Project:  Office organization

Review:  Very smart organized and creative. Debra is amazing. I want to hire her again. She is so efficient. Friendly, reliable, and non-judgmental.


Project: Organized 3 of my closets and dresser/armoire.

Review:  Debra was fantastic!  She helped me find a home for so many items that I had no idea what to do with.  She grouped everything together by their use and recommended a variety of organizing items to pick up at Bed, Bath and Beyond (I had a 20% off total purchase price coupon, which helped a lot also).

We still have a whole other closet to do (office items and books), once my handyman completes installing shelves there, and also need to organize the bathroom, linen cabinet, finish the bedroom, and possibly the kitchen cabinets.

My brain does not think in an organized way, and I just stuff things wherever I can find room.  We found so many things that have been missing for ages, or that I didn't even realize I had!!  Debra has now found a home for these items, which is fantastic!  Plus everything looks so much prettier!

I highly recommend Debra!  She was very pleasant to work with, and very patient.  She was energetic, yet laid back enough to allow me to make final decisions on keeping, donating, or pitching.  

I can't wait to have her back!!


Project:  Debra helped me retrieve a bunch of financial and legal docs from a public storage unit that I needed to send to my accountant while I was out of town.

Review:  Debra went through a hoard of junk to find what was needed at a time when I couldn't be there. It was much needed, and I appreciate her extra efforts to get it done.


Project:  Debra helped me with a system to organize my important papers then helped me go through boxes of papers to either file, trash or shred.

Review:  We got a lot done in just 2 hours. I was able to deal with a lot of papers that had been languishing in boxes. We came up with an understandable filing system and I got a lot of tips. Unfortunately, I stopped going through new papers each week like I was told and things are piling up again. At least I know what to do with them when I get a chance.


Project:  Organized my closet and entire kitchen! Taught me how to maintain it, ideas for other areas. Amazing.

Review:  Debra is pleasant, a hard worker and all around amazing. What we accomplished in five hours I wouldn't have accomplished in five years!! My clothes closet was a disaster. I mean unreal! You couldn't even see the floor. She organized everything, showed me how to maintain, and taught me a doable system. Now, my kitchen cabinets were a nightmare. I can't believe how wonderful they look when Debra got done and everything is accessible and I can maintain it. Don't hesitate to call her, she is worth every penny. I was all to happy to pay what I did and I would do it again. Peace of mind is priceless. Oh, and I ended up getting rid of 5 large black garbage bags of stuff I didn't need or never wore. It is all going to Good will. Thanks Debra, for everything. Julie :)


Project:  Helping me organize my house and my life

Review:  praise Debra to the sun and the stars above!

She is dependable and professional and I wish I had known her years ago.

She is calm, collected and confident.  Nothings throws her.  My house is getting organized, my bills are being handled, and who knows, maybe I will straighten up and fly right!

Thank you Debra!


Review:  My home is pretty overwhelming as I have ADD and I tend to hoard. So lots of clutter. The representative of DM Organizing was friendly and energetic. In the two hours that she was in my home, she had sorted out quite a bit of the clutter,and gave me a list of suggestions to follow.


Project:  Organize files and materials for home office and studio. Set up system for ongoing filing. Review existing organization and design new systems and shelving/containers for art material.

Review:  Debra is an excellent coach and organizer. She helped me develop customized systems that would would work for me, without judgement of my previous (dis)organization. I have had her back repeatedly, and recommend her highly.


Project:  Debra helped me go through paperwork that had accumulated, set up files, and gave me recommendations on next steps I can do on my own to keep the ball rolling.

Review:  I had bought a 10-hour package earlier in the year and had already had Debra in twice to help me organize my place. (The $150 I referred to in the report was for one session of not quite 3 hours, I believe.) Although I am a bit organizationally challenged overall, my biggest specific challenge is paper, and I have plenty of it. Besides organizing the papers/filing system, she also re-organized my storage closet to make better use of the space I have. Each time we met, she was punctual and had a friendly demeanor. She asked about my goals for the sessions and talked with me throughout the sessions about some of the hurdles that increase the level of disorganization, offering options to head off future problems before they start/get out of control. She helped me to set up a game-plan for next steps to handle on my own before her next visit. She can adjust her level of support based on the comfort level and budget of her client, so if I had wanted her to, she could have shopped for organizational items that I needed, etc. She is excellent at what she does, and for anyone who is chronically disorganized, perhaps one of her best features is that she is non-judgmental throughout. I highly recommend Debra of DM Organizing!


Project:  Helped organize & sort through files, mail, etc. in my recently deceased husband's home office. Devised a filing system and organized cartons of old mail, paperwork, bills, etc. Converted a combination office, guest, sewing & storage room into a bedroom for my mom. Helped sort, organize and store my eBay "stuff." Reorganized my garage so things were in cabinets & on shelves. Made my computer/eBay room into a full functioning office.

It was about a year after I first saw Debra's ad on Craig's List that I contacted her for help. My husband had passed away suddenly & unexpectedly four months earlier. He had been a psychologist and his home office was filled with 15 years of papers, client files, our personal files, tax files for at least 20 years, etc. After trying to close his practice, taking over our normal bills, etc, etc, I decided I needed an organizer's help and called Debra. Exactly 10 minutes before her scheduled arrival I was notified that my mother was on her way to the hospital with a broken hip. Debra came as I was putting on a coat & she volunteered to reschedule. I made a quick decision to trust her and just showed her my computer room and dining room table which was covered with mail & papers & asked that she just "dig" in and sort what she could! When I returned I found a pile of file folders with everything labeled and ready to be filed or dealt with by me. She had done everything in a few hours that would have taken me days! Being so far behind in just about everything, I ended up calling her back over & over. Just look in the "SERVICES PERFORMED" section above and you'll see all she did for me. Being physically challenged, I couldn't help much with the physical part of the organizing she did, but she didn't seem to mind. I hope to use her again in the future. Debra is very accurate with her time, she charges only for actual time worked. Her fees are very reasonable compared to what I've seen at other sites and she usually charges by the hour. If she stops for lunch or a snack or arrives a few minutes late, she subtracts that time. If she's delayed a bit, she always calls. You can feel free and comfortable when with Debra. Do not hesitate to call! You'll love her! Be sure to visit her web site to learn more about her and then read her blog for more info & tips.

Rated A on Angie’s List

Debra Michaud, M.A.

debra@dmorganizing.com                                                                773.343.2939